Raising healthy eaters is hard work. I have three young children of my own and, believe it or not, they do not always love to eat their vegetables! I have seen and understand the frustration of a child eating one food last week but refusing today. I also have experienced the all too familiar scenario when I plan and cook a delicious meal and none of my children want to eat it. I have felt both the defeat and joys of family eating. There is hope! I love working with families, parents and children/teens/college students to help everyone get through meal time with minimal frustrations. Each family member has a unique palate and eating style, and it is important to meet individuals where they are in their food preferences. After listening to your challenges, I can develop helpful, realistic strategies to work through those food blocks. As parents, we have to remember that becoming a healthy eater is a marathon, not a sprint. I will help guide you to be consistent in your approach towards food for the family and provide strategies to increase flexibility in your meal planning that meets your family eating goals.