Eat balanced. live well.

Hawthorne Nutrition is committed to providing customized, science-based nutrition and wellness advice to improve the lives of others. Our programs are designed to offer a realistic approach to eating and achieving a healthy lifestyle no matter where a person may be in his or her wellness journey.

Hawthorne Nutrition strives to help each person eat balanced and live well.


How Hawthorne Nutrition began...

Melissa grew up in a large Italian family where “Mangia!” was a common word heard around the family dinner table. Melissa has fond memories picking figs, cucuzzi, potatoes and tomatoes from her grandparents’ garden She learned at a young age that family meals, healthy foods and eating wholesome food were a priority. Melissa also had an active childhood as a competitive gymnast. She was fortunate to have supportive parents and mentors throughout her gymnastics career that taught her the benefit of balancing her food choices and staying active. Building on her childhood experiences, Melissa found her calling while studying to become a registered dietitian. She loved learning about the relationship between different foods and the impact they had on a person's health, and was also inspired to help others understand this relationship so that they too could enjoy healthy and hearty lives. Melissa's career has not only allowed her to develop relationships with clients and help them on their health and wellness journeys, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or general healthy eating habits, she also developed a specialty practice in helping those clients with diabetes and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to better manage each condition.

As a mother of three (twin boys and a girl), Melissa has learned firsthand the challenges that come with feeding a family, including the joy of battling children that won't eat their vegetables. Melissa has used her years of knowledge and training, along with a healthy dose of trial and error, to help her family stayon the right path and find balance in their eating. Melissa enjoys the opportunity to share and fine tune those learned strategies to help guide other families with their individual healthy eating challenges.



Registered and licensed dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist in Houston, Texas.

She has over fifteen years of experience working with individuals to improve their health through nutrition. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from Texas A&M University and her Master of Science in Nutrition from Texas Woman's University. Melissa specializes in weight management, nutrition wellness, diabetes management, insulin resistance including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), nutrition and pregnancy and pediatric nutrition.

Melissa has a passion for working with people and sharing science-based nutrition concepts and recommendations for eating balanced and living well. In her career, Melissa has primarily focused on one-on-one consulting, group sessions, or presenting to organizations, both large and small, to provide the best advice and strategies possible. One of her main goals in any of these settings is to teach people how to eat to improve their health so they can feel their best and enjoy life to the fullest. Melissa loves the connections she makes with her clients and seeing those "A-ha!" moments when healthy behaviors finally stick. Melissa meets each client where they are in their wellness journey, whether at the beginning of the road or well on their way, and she most enjoys collaborating with each client to create a unique nutrition and wellness plan that works for them! In Melissa's free time you will find her with her loving husband and three children. As a mother of active twin boys and a beautiful girl, she understands the challenges of healthy family eating in the hustle and bustle of daily life as she, like all of us, continues to strive for the right, healthy balance. Melissa also enjoys distance running, and you may just find her on the running trails as she trains for her next marathon.